3D mesh creation by me

Hi there, in my free time i like to create 3D stuff, mostly clothing/ accessories.
Enjoy and leave a like if you want to :slight_smile:


@kagekusari wow! i’m so exciting!
I’m a product designer in Yahaha lol. I’m more focus on the Asset-related features.
next month we are planning to release an omportant feature for the first time (test feature):

  • enable to upload meshes. emm, I’m here to collect more inspired ideas actually lol. :star_struck:
    if you have more ideas, dont hesitate to leave your comment!

i mainly to an overwhelming 95% extend do clothing.
since you are a product designer, here is a question that has bothering me for some time:
the model you use. is it a full body that has clothing overlying it or is it partialized and i have to make clothing match the connecting parts?

anyhow, i am looking forward to that a lot. thanks for the headsup :slight_smile:

oh, I know your concern. it depends.
For current avatar in YAHAHA, some parts is connecting, some are not. depends on the performance and the clothes DIY section.
lol. Actually upload assets of first version is planned for “Scene Editing”, so you can upload a fbx to the scene, maybe a prop or building. :grin:
But I think in the future, we will enable some clothing making for our Avatars. :kissing_heart:

If and when you do custom clothing for Yahaha, you should look at how Project Sansar handled it. There you can import files from Marvellous designer and then adjust the clothing to fit on any avatar with physics simulation. It bakes the clothing in position and there you go, clothes that fit different avatars.