August 2022 Roadmap

Today we are excited to reveal the next month of our roadmap. There is a lot more incoming this month that will help improve the space/game creation particularly that of the uploading of FBX files and personal use of your own assets.

We are excited to bring all these amazing updates to you over the next month. Check them out below

New updates for August 2022

  • Provide 200+ Skybox in the Asset Library
  • Explorer Group/Ungroup Objects
  • Lua Scripting: Provide more API
  • 50+ Gameplay Component in Asset Library
  • More Physics Features
  • Prefab
  • Upload Asset (made in studio) to Asset Library, personal use only for now
  • Enable import FBX to the scene
  • Dynamic Profiler
  • 2+ Game Templates
  • Templates with high graphic quality (desktop only)
  • Korean City Template/Assets
  • Visual currency (purchasable: YAHAHA Currency)
  • Gameplay Assembler (Testing)
  • Node Graph phase 1