Coins 4 Creators announcement

Are you an aspiring game artist? Do you specialize in asset creation and 3D modeling?

We are excited to announce that you can now upload your own assets to our very own Asset Store and earn YOS (YAHAHA Currency) for doing so.

We are running a special event for people who create assets and upload them to the YAHAHA Asset Library. There will be a reward for any assets that you upload which you can learn more about on the Coins 4 Creators event page. This is an early phase, so you can only earn YOS at the moment which will be stored in your YAHAHA account for use in the Asset Library. In a future update, there will be the possibility to withdraw earned YOS that you have made through selling assets.

As every game developer knows, the Asset Library can play a major part in the creation of games and virtual spaces, especially for small teams or for things you don’t specialise in. You can learn more about the importance of the asset library here in one of our recent blogs.