Creating a showcase level for the "Only One Earth" Event

Hi gang,
in this thread i’ll post videos about making a level. It’ll not be 100% documented but the mayor parts will be here as inspirations


great!! really inspired me! :partying_face:

Im glad this monthly challenge is for you!

thanks. this is definitely my type of challenge. :slight_smile:

i feel you have been just play around so far. excited to see your true potential, whats coming out of this challenge. :cowboy_hat_face:

This is fantastic, I am super hyped to see end results for this. Seems like this months event is going to be really creative.

some more teasers from just a bit of scenery i made. (the houses are made with the built in assets)
enjoy :slight_smile:

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just my 2 cents, from the texture of house, it seems to be wood? is it to emphasise the point of being ecological ? However the energy generator is more like sci-fi

the whole thing will be a mix of futuristic elements with more naturalistic/ rural elements.
so yes, the houses are wooden on the outside but there are also sci-fi elements and even some “dystopian” elements in the whole thing. the core is a solarpunk vision.

Ohhhhh I really like this concept, cannot wait to see the finished product.

like how you make the video, right pace to watch

experience ^^
i make youtube videos for almost one and a half years now. i learned some stuff.

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some more teasers, made a solarpanel flower (its not the final product i think)



Yahaha - Biodome Level: Creating a Greenhouse - YouTube built a greenhouse amongst other stuff i touched up on. Enjoy

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and one more teaser for y’all. maybe i even have a video up later :wink:


Booomm!!! gorgeous :star_struck:

Cant wait to try it out!

Where are the solar panels?

on the shoreline of the sea. i’ll make them bigger before i release the level^^