December 2022 roadmap

Since it is November 1st and Spooktober is over, does that mean it is officially xmas time?!? It might be because presents are arriving early for everyone not only are we providing you with the November roadmap but here is a look at what you can expect during the winter holidays as well :snowman_with_snow: :gift:

New updates December 2022


  • [Studio] UI Editor
  • [Studio] VFX: allow users to adjust more parameters
  • [Studio] Local test, support multi-avatar in Playmode
  • [Studio] Improvement for publishing assets, support adding icon, category, and tags
  • [Studio] Publishing remix assets to Asset Library
  • [Studio] Support importing animated-humanoid models

Asset Library

  • [Asset Library] Collections
  • [Asset Library] Animated-humanoid models
  • [Asset Library] One million 3D assets available

Node Graph

  • [Node Graph] Support more features: deprecated, debug, etc.
  • [Node Graph] Support more nodes

Developer Support

  • [Developer Support] Release more API references
  • [Developer Support] Support Scripts executed on client only


  • [Gameplay] Support configuring hotkey in Game
  • [Gameplay] More Gameplay Templates
  • [Gameplay] More Smart Assets with logic
  • [Gameplay] Support vehicle functions
  • [Gameplay] Support achievement system
  • [Gameplay] More complete task & dialog system
  • [Gameplay] More Assemblers
  • [Gameplay] Support animal models moves
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