Feature Update: Weapons and more!

It’s time we present you YAHAHA’s second-ever official feature update on a silver platter. It also has a cherry on top.

Task & Dialogue system

First up on the menu we have task and dialogue system optimization. This update expands the task completion and dialogue completion conditions. It improves being able to set up quest systems and enables certain dialogues to trigger quests.

Rigged humanoids

The second item on the update menu is rigged humanoids! Want to add a goalie to your football game? One that actually tries to catch the ball? Or a trigger-happy security guard that fits the style of your space because you 3D-modeled him yourself? Well, now you can! That’s right, our studio now supports importing your own rigged humanoids into the game and making your own NPCs. With YAHAHA’s custom NPC behaviors!


Want any sides with that? The options are: allies, enemies…or anything you’d like to name them really. The age-old dichotomy of “us vs. others” is finally possible within YAHAHA, and with proper labels. You can assign symbols and colors to the sides as well, to further differentiate them from each other.


And for dessert, we are serving…weapons. This gunpowder-flavored pudding enables you to finally make the shooter games you’ve wanted to make in YAHAHA. Weapons are special items that can be picked up and used to attack. You will not be limited to just guns and shooting however: different melee, range and one-shot weapons will add a completely new element of strategy and action to your games!

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