February - April 2023 Roadmap

February Roadmap

[Studio] UI Editor, allow creators to create or modify the UI or HUD in their games.
[Studio] Import animated FBX models and animations
[Studio] VFX presets with configurable parameters: fire, explosion, sparkles and smoke
[Studio] Enable search global contents in Studio
[Studio] Support more hotkeys for Properties panel
[Studio] Provide animation previewer
[Studio] Template Loading refactor, support load from Assembler templates
[Studio] Components for camera, weapon and vehicle related features will be added

[Node Graph] Refactor nodes- much more user friendly
[Node Graph] Improve node graph debugging experience

[Gameplay][Feature] Item Drop - Weight Optimization

[Asset Library] Add more assets, including skybox, effects and audio
[Asset Library] Explore collections in Homepage
[Asset Library] Refactor asset detail page for Remix assets

[Assembler]Customized throw weapon
[Assembler]Customized gun
[Assembler]Customized melee weapon

March Roadmap

[Studio] Import texture, create material in Studio
[Studio] Environment Settings: preset and post processing
[Studio] Improve UI Components in UI Editors
[Studio] Add shortcut Tab to jump next input fields when in Properties panel

[Gameplay] add the function for gameplay templates
[Gameplay] [Assembler Template] Hack and Kill Game Template
[Gameplay] [Feature] Achievement System

[Asset Library] Add new category: Materials, over 6000 PBR materials will be available
[Asset Library] Support share assets link
[Asset Library] Enable view assembler assets in the scene

[Developer Support] Community Components for attribute system will be released by hot updates

[App] Game streaming channels
[App] Game distribution through cloud gaming
[Launcher] Popup Emoji System
[Launcher] Channel Broadcast
[Launcher] Loading iteration

[co-create] Co-create mode on APP and Desktop, including the abilities to co-edit the scene and some assets properties with other creators.
[co-create] Adding 10+ types of smart assets, including trampoline, invisibility cloak, magic wand, etc.

[GameHall] Release new scene——Horror World

[VR Play] Support specific games streaming from desktop to VR devices

April Roadmap

[Gameplay] [RPA Template] Survival Game Template
[Gameplay] [Feature] History Leader Board
[Gameplay] [Feature] Equipment System
[Gameplay] [Smart Asset] More interactable Objects

[Asset Library] Power-up program

[Studio] Effects Presets: Rain/Snow, Beam, Ring, Glow
[Studio] Environment Settings: preset and post processing
[Studio] Expose DEV components in Studio
[Studio] Support create and publish Gameplay Components
[Studio] Support create and publish Assemblers
[Studio] More Assemblers will be released according to gameplay features
[Studio] Refactor workspace user experience
[Studio] Scene editor: experience improvement
[Studio] Align Tool in scene editor
[Studio] Add box scale tool to the scene editor

[Developer Support] More APIs and Gameplay components will be released according to gameplay features
[Developer Support] Assets can be published to Asset Library with local scripts

[Node Graph] Nodes in node picker will be clustered by feature but not API

[Launcher]New in-game UI
[App] Contents distribution regarding live streaming
[App] Homepage re-design
[App] Inbox message system
[App] Random matching & sever list display

[Desktop] Support creating multi-scene games

[Co-create] Ability to remix Yahaha official games
[Co-create] Co-create CRUD on APP
[Co-create] Ability to assemble smart asset

Game Hall
[Game Hall] New gameplay——Collection
[Game Hall] Specific gameplay for Horror World