Five new templates available now

Today we are super excited to announce 5 all new templates for the studio

  • Sci-Fi outpost
  • Mountain
  • Police station
  • Stylized town
  • Ancient church

This all new Sci-Fi outpost will help you build your dreams… in SPACE!!

All new mountain template is a bare bones template that will let you create some amazing open world, RPG games!

Police Station
A new kind of template is here, say hello to the police station. Here you will be able to create some amazing detective inspired games or just a straight up cops & robbers theme!

Stylized town
A new town for you to play with to create that little industrial city of your dreams!

Ancient Church
More old school style template and buildings coming your way as we introduced the Ancient Church.

We are super excited to see all your new creations with the new templates. Eventually all the assets from these templates will make their way into the asset store for use in other templates.


That’s amazing! They all look great but I think I like the mountain the most, it’s like an ‘archetypal’ area that you can spin a thousand different ways. :smiley:


reminds me MSFT flight simulator

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This is AMAZINGGGG appreciate the work the team or creator done for use to use these template. i have something great cooking up stay tune hop on this game creation w me ? …

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hi guys can help me
i dont now how build

There are some tutorials on youtube channel for example the jumpstart series: #JumpStart - YouTube