Forum Rules & Guidelines

Ground Rules

This one is simple, but as you can imagine whilst within the Yahaha forum we expect everyone to be polite, respectful and considerate to each other.

The following is not permitted:

  • Offensive language
  • Discrimination
  • Insults, threats and / or bullying
  • Trolling - Discussion of anything illegal
  • Having a bad time

Joining the discussion

By being a part of the Yahaha forum, you agree that:

  • You will not spam the threads
    You will keep the chat related to the appropriate topic
  • You will not market, promote and advertise content unrelated to the Yahaha platform without the permission of Yahaha
  • You will not post or link to inappropriate, illegal, or pornographic content
  • You will not act as a representative of Yahaha without permission
  • You will not post or link to anything hateful or discriminatory
  • You will not post or link to anything malicious, harmful, or anything connected to spam material

*These rules also apply to usernames and user profiles / statuses