Game Dev Spark Jam

In 2023, in an alternate reality, technology has advanced to a never-before-seen level where humans are able to transform their physical bodies, replacing every organic limb and organ with its robotic counterpart. Humans can now resist any disease since their augmented bodies are now virtually undefeatable. What enables this and keeps humans functioning is an energy called “Imagination”. Unfortunately, the loss of this energy would lead to an early demise. Right now, the whole society is facing an imagination deficiency and the world is gradually walking toward a societal collapse.

:dizzy:However, this energy could be reactivated. Yahahaers, every creator on Yahaha, we sincerely hope that you could be a part of this “GDSJ ‘’ program —- Game Dev Spark Jam—---- to be the savior and spark the imagination and creativity of humans. Get ready to shine with Yahaha. Use your imagination and show your talent to the world!

:boom:Yahaha is looking for talented game developers and is willing to provide opportunities and a platform for them. Whether you are a pro game developer who desires to show your creativity to the world or a game developer newbie who has a great game idea in your mind but doesn’t know how to realize it, you could be the one we are looking for. Grab this opportunity, collaborate with people who are as passionate as you, and get ready to shine with YAHAHA!

Sign up for the Game Dev Spark Jam and start your journey to your dream.


:3rd_place_medal:Top 3 Become Yahaha’s 3-month signed creators

-If you submit one game on the Yahaha platform every month, you get a fixed monthly base salary of $500 USD.

-With an additional game submitted, you will gain a bonus of $250 USD

-The maximum total bonus per month is $500 USD

-Resource promotion and traffic support

-Top 3 are selected among the Top 10
:keycap_ten: :medal_sports:Top 10 awards

-Best Game Award*3:Electronic award certificate + Free 3-month YAHAHA Asset Library creator pack resource package + 100USD

-Extraordinary Creativity Award*3:Electronic award certificate + Free 3-month creator pack resource package + 100USD

-Future Star Award*4:Electronic award certificate + Free 3-month creator pack resource package+ 100USD
:gift:Lucky Draw

-Submit your game, join our discord community, and participate in the lucky draw to win a digital copy of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”


The application starts on June 10th (UTC+0), 2023; ends on July 10th(UTC+0), 2023.

You can submit your work at any time during this period.


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