Hangout Event Winners Announcement

Hangout Event Winners Announcement

The Hangout Event has come to an end and we have had some really amazing entries into the competition. It was really difficult to decide the winners but alas, it has been done. We would like to thank everyone that participated in the event and for creating such wonderful spaces.

The concept was simple, build a hangout space. This could mean an interactive fun venue for you and your friends to play around, or a simple chillout area that you could just relax and take it easy.

Without further delay, let us jump right into the winners of the Hangout Event! Congratulations!!! Also do not forget to click on the game name if you want to check them out yourself!

FIRST PLACE - VIP Backstage Synthwave - DokoMaster

This fantastic club venue gave us some really cool vibes (we imagined ourselves in an early 90s Vampire type nightclub). The club overall was really well constructed and everything worked really well together. The songs were also on point!

SECOND PLACE - Space Hall Arcade - Merross

This incredible space arcade area was a great place to spend time with friends. Various fun activities like bowling, jumping games and other various events to have fun with really impressed us. This space really pushed the limits and looked fantastic.

THIRD PLACE - The Floating Park - Neon

A very clean aesthetic combined with a handful of really fun and engaging games and activities managed to secure a winners place for us. If you are looking for a well designed game that has relaxing vibes to it to enjoy with your friends, this is it.

FOURTH PLACE - Club Space - ShambaC

At first this level appears to be a nice hangout club that you can enjoy with your friends. However, connected to it was also some really impressive and fun gaming experiences to enjoy. The car race track really blew us away and we cannot wait to see more like this.

FIFTH PLACE - Sunken Ruins - Denzy

A perfect example that interactivity isn’t everything. This really well crafted ruins getaway managed to snag a winners spot due to the visual beauty and design of this relaxing hideaway type hangout.


As well as the regular winners there was also three other categories for which you can find the winners below.

Best Vibe - Cyberpunk Rooftop - Draconic_Cowboy

Most Popular - Movie Night - Users

Most Interactive - Teleport Obby Madness - DenysGru

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you once again for participating in the event. We loved spending time playing these amazing entries and we cannot wait to see what you do in the next one.

Keep an eye out here for the incoming highlight video of the event!!!


Oh wow Congrats Everyone!


This Hangout Challenge brought us so many awesome spaces to hang out and have fun in! Check them out in this nifty little highlight video:

And a huge thank you to everyone who took part, see you in the next challenge :heart: