How to allow players to position an item from inventory to a location in the scene


I want to allow players to place inventory items where they want in the scene while playing. For example if they have a workbench item or a tent item - I want them to be able to select the item and place it where they want.

Is this kind of functionality possible? If not right now - maybe in the future?


Its not possible to achieve this very easily as of now. But in theory it can be done with a bit scripting though.

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I see - perhaps it’s something that can be created as a community component - but I have no idea how to create a component or how to script anything - I think a lot of documentation and tutorials would be required to let people be able to contribute

I would also love some documentation on creating community components. I have made some myself by adapting through other components but they are a hit or miss. sometimes they work and sometimes they dont.

This would 100% require scripting but is definitely possible right now. It would be a bit janky, and wouldn’t allow for incredible applications without a tonne of effort.

You could alllow a user to pick something from there inventory and when they consume it you could allow them to enter in to a ‘build mode’ which would on the press of a keybind place down the item in front of them. You could set up additional keybinds to allow for distance from player, height and rotation.

I don’t think that would be too difficult to do, but it’s a bit unintuitive since you’re riding off the back of an inventory system which is not entirely fit for building purposes.

Interesting - thanks for your advice - I will try