How to make an object float in space

Hi! Name’s Gregg, today we’re gonna learn how to make your object float in open space.
It’s easy.

First step: choose (click on) an object you like. I like Yahaha crabs, so I’m going to choose one of them bastards.

Then click the “more” button.

Then click on the “gameplay” button.

Great! Now we see all the internal logic of the object. It’s GUTS so to say.
Sooo now we have to chose the right internal organs for our crab object so it’ll behave the way we want.

And we want our crab guy to float.

To do this we need REVOLVE and ROTATE components. Click on the “+Component button” to add the components.

Great! Now our crab is flying like an asteroid… Wait a minute crabbie guy does it only once. What is the matter? Alright, we have to change looping mods for our components. We have to make the crab move INFINITE AMOUNT OF TIMES.


Fantastic! Now our crab is floating like an asteroid!

To make the speed of floating just right for you chose the variables needed. You can change time of the loop and change the axis of the movements.

Good luck with your next project, creator!

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Thanks for this, will try it out

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