I cannot use YAHAHA

Hello! I can’t use YAHAHA because every time I turn it on Yahaha, it shows me a gray screen.

Hey Patricek,

Can you provide us with an image or video of what exactly it looks like. Also what operating system are you using so that we can investigate.


I use Windows 11.

Great thanks for the information.

This is the first time we are seeing this so we will investigate now and hopefully have an answer for you shortly. If it manages to correct itself in the mean time feel free to let us know.

Is this issue you are having with the installer, or have you installed it already and having a problem with launching the Studio itself?

Also does the same issue happen when running as administrator?

Hello, I having this problem with installed version. Installer works great. Administrator doesn’t change anything

I fix this problem! I install YAHAHA on second disc. When i reinstall yahaha to main disc, it works!

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