[Interview] What's your first impression when you join YAHAHA? what's your first dream before entering in YAHAHA?

Hi there! This is my first post on our new Forum. :heart_eyes:
I’m so glad that the forum is so warm and easy to use.
I’m Jiao. A product designer in Yahaha Studio.
I’m focusing more on Scene Edtor, Terrain Editor, Asset Library… most of the asset-related features lol. :rofl:

I have 2 questions that want to ask you guys for quite a long time.

NOW I thinks it’s the time! :heart_eyes:

1. when you first entered the YAHAHA studio, what’s your first impression?

  • what do you like most? I like the design styles, I like the assets, I want more gameplay, I need the code…
  • what do you like least? find many bugs…selection is not friendly… something like that lol :rofl:

for me, it’s: I like the Asset Library most, but I need more animations and clothes for avatar lol.

2. what’s your first dream before entering in YAHAHA? What space do you want to create for the very first thoughts?

For me, hmmm, I want to create a school, place many classrooms, playground, etc. and create a story-telling space to share with my high-school friends.

NOW, I can say, I’m closer to my dream. :love_letter:

We released our first version on 2022.04.02. It’s definitely an unforgettable day in my whole life.
I’m so glad that Studio finally find you guys. and knows that we still have many many many things to do to be worthy of everyone’s love and expectations. :heart:

Please leave your comments for your ideas and any other thoughts. really grateful and welcome!
we can talk about new features and feedbacks here as well.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you :partying_face:


Blindly go inside the email that did not specified that its a learning testing new dev software opportunity. Trust the few pages of pdf and ended up here, now registered, and i have a funny vibe. I think… we gonna have so much fun here.

My first dream is to find a new job and quit my current one :slight_smile:

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