Introducing Horror Game Kit 1.5

Hello Creators!

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Horror Game Kit 1.5! This new version of the game kit signifies a major shift in our framework development here at Yahaha Studio.

:star2: Introducing the New Version

Initially, we adopted the Data-Oriented Design (DOD) pattern with the entity component system (ECS) to tackle network latency and maintain data accuracy, focusing on optimizing cross-platform 3D party games. However, as YAHAHA expanded, the limitations of DOD became apparent in accommodating a broader range of game genres and intricate behaviors.

To address these challenges, we refactored the entire game SDK framework, enhancing the low-level APIs based on the Unity engine. These enhancements provide developers with greater flexibility and control. The new SDK version also offers better compatibility with the Lua layer, supporting future game kits tailored to different game types. Lua scripts are now managed as packages, enabling better version control and hot updates. This significantly streamlines the development process and allows for seamless updates without disrupting the game experience.

However, we regret to inform you that in our efforts to balance user-friendliness for no-coding and engine completeness, the release of Horror Game Kit 1.5 will include significant changes to the underlying architecture. As a result, projects created prior to this version will NOT be compatible. We understand that changes can sometimes be challenging, and the decision to make this design shift was not an easy one. However, our commitment to providing a user-friendly 3D UGC game creation tool remains unwavering, as we always keep our mission at heart: Anyone can YAHAHA.

Starting from June 19, 2024, Horror Game Kit 1.5 will be available on YAHAHA Desktop. Version 1.0 will remain unaffected. Let’s explore the key differences between the two versions.

:star2: What’s Changing

Horror Game Kit 1.0

Since its official release on March 1, 2024, Horror Game Kit 1.0 has been a valuable tool for creating awesome first-person horror games with features like:

  • Ready-to-use horror assets

  • Pre-built gameplay mechanics, including jumpscare, puzzle, and more

  • An easy-to-use cutscene editor

  • AIGC-powered 3D scene generation

  • All-in-one game publishing and data monitoring

Horror Game Kit 1.5

New features have been introduced in Horror Game Kit 1.5, with some highlights including:

  • Packages (NEW) : A new modular container that stores various assets like prefabs, audio files, components, textures, and animations. In addition to better resource organization, packages enable you to add features to your game with no coding, ensure timely hotfixes, and simplify version control. Tutorial:

  • Enhanced Prefabs: Support for child YahahaObjects as part of its reusable asset, and UX improvements.

  • Upgraded Smart Assets: You can now find the upgraded smart assets located under the Prefab section in the Packages Tab. Models with behavior attributes and enhanced built-in logic are now more visible and customizable, making it easier for creators to use and adapt them.

:star_struck: What’s Ahead

We’ve got some fantastic updates on our roadmap based on the new SDK version:

  • Multiplayer Support: Smoother multi-player interactions and better network synchronization.

  • Coding: Support for node graphs, Lua API code editor, and behavior trees.

  • Player Controller: New abilities (sliding, ladder climbing, swimming, flying, etc.), health system, melee system, vehicles, and third-person view.

  • AI Assistant: Support for generating more 3D scene types, remix the generation, help with the game logic, and improve user experience.

  • Gameplay: New elements like camcorders, minimaps, night vision, monitors, puzzles, and expanded inventory features.

  • Studio Basics: Enhanced prefab functionality(nested prefab, prefab variant, etc), debugging tool, and profiling tools.

  • UI Interface: Customizable UI templates and UI interface editor.

  • Lighting and Effects: Dynamic weather system, global illumination, and audio mixing.

  • Cutscene editor: Enhanced animation tracks, other tracks (Global Volume, UI), and Lua event integration.

:red_car: Migrate your Project

Horror Game Kit 1.5 is backwards compatible, ensuring your current projects will continue to run smoothly. We will continue to support version 1.0 with bug fixes and technical assistance. However, we encourage you to explore the new features and enhancements and migrate your project to take full advantage of the latest additions.

To transition your existing version 1.0 project to version 1.5, follow these steps:

  1. Migrate the Project: Locate the “New Version Available” button on your project and click it. Then, click “Send Migration Request.” Our team will contact you within 3-5 days to confirm and complete the migration.

  2. Access the Project: Once migration is complete, a higher-version project will be created alongside the original one on Desktop. You can then access and work on your new project using the latest Horror Game Kit 1.5 features.

  3. Attach Gameplay Logic: After migration, attach gameplay logic to the new version of the project. Note that prefabs will not be migrated unless used in the scene, and the logic connection between prefab resources and their instances may break during the process.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Stay tuned for more updates, and happy game-making!

If you have any questions or feedback, please share them in this thread, or join our Discord server to connect with us and other creators. Thanks for being awesome!

YAHAHA Product Team

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