January 2023 roadmap

Hey everyone, even though we are mid way through January (how did that happen already)!! We have a small roadmap for release so you can check out some of the things to come, and some that may already have happened for this month

January 2023 Roadmap

[Studio] New version update: Magic Lamp: clarify the asset categories; introduce new concept: workspace; enable adding collections to your workspace.
[Studio] Prefab: create, configure, and store a YahahaObject.

  • Complete with all its components, property values, and child GameObjects as a reusable Asset.
  • The Prefab Asset acts as a template from which you can create new Prefab instances in the Scene

[Studio] Publishing remix assets to Asset Library, including smart assets with game logics.
[Studio] Add more Audio configurable parameters, enable api control

Node Graph
[Node Graph] Support dynamic event binding and custom functions
[Node Graph] More node references and tutorials

[Gameplay] [Assembler] [YGC Component] Support vehicle functions
[Gameplay] [Assembler] [YGC Component] Support animal model movement

Asset Library
[Asset Library] Add new category: humanoid animation clips for logic control
[Asset Library] Add more logic assets, including smart assets and assemblers.
[Asset Library] Add animated models: animals with built-in animation clips

[Developer Support] Community Components for vehicles will be released by hotfixes