🚗 Low Poly Everything

Are you into escapism? Is reality too…real? Is reality too detailed and…HD? Then you’re in luck because this month’s event theme is low poly. Everything. Hence the name, Low Poly Everything. Let’s just kick back and reduce the amount of those polygons, y’all :sunglasses:

In this challenge, we want you to utilize our amazing selection of countless (I mean you COULD count them, there are just so many…) low poly assets and create a preferably interactive world with objects and things that do not exceed the critical number of polygons. It’ll be so simple, literally!

To make it super easy and simple to get started, we have a tag “low poly” with which you can look up all the assets that fit that description. The tag will appear on the top left of the asset which you will be able to click. This feature will arrive before the event starts, and enables you to see all/only low poly assets.

:trophy: Awards:
1st place: 300 USD
2nd-3rd: 200 USD
Community award (space with most likes): 100 USD

:date: Challenge starts on August 1st, and submissions close on August 22th at 1pm GMT+3.
Winners will be announced on August 25th during the playthrough livestream.
Community award will be awarded on August 31st to whoever has the most likes at that time.
We will then DM the winners for the reward details.

:bangbang: Rules:
Yahaha decides the winners.
You can show your support by playing the creations and leaving comments in the submissions.
Community’s opinion will be considered.
To be a valid submission, please follow these requirements:
-Create and publish an original project
-Submit your project on the Yahaha forum

Please note that the submissions policy has changed. The correct place for event submissions is now on the Yahaha forum!
Submitting your creation on the forum will ensure that not only does your entry get seen, but it will also stay there forever so others can see it in the future.

Also, share your creations on social media so others can relax from all that HD strain too, and let their eyes rest for a bit!

If you’d like to find out more about this challenge, go check out our blog post, where we explain the origin of this event!


Finished the game for the Low Poly Everything event!

Here’s the description:

:skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:

You woke up in a tomb with a sus skeleton talking some strange stuff to you. Your goal is to escape the place. To do this you have to use all the wits and skills you have. Good luck!

:skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:


Finished my entry for the event. Enjoy playing and exploring.

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Oh god, I just finished my opus magnum.

You’re one of the objects in [DATA EXPUNGED] facility. You have to find a way out or [DATA EXPUNGED].

The game is for Low Poly Everything event.

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