My world is strange

Hello, I was creating when I decided to get far from my template and I got lost, I don’t know how to come back and the models act strange like in the photo, how do I solve this? Thanks for your attention.
PD: I forgot to say that when I “play” it teleports me back to the normal spawn, but when I exit play mode it brings me back far away.

Hey tranfista,

This is a peculiar issue. I assume that it is only happening in this particular level that you are building? Does it happen in anything else you try build/play?

We will take a look into it, could you provide us with the space ID number. Also if you haven’t joined yet and use Discord you can jump into there for quick help as well.

Yes, it only affects in this particular level. When I try to build the models are deformed and when I click play mode everything is normal, I spawn in the correct place and all is ok but when I exit play mode I appear really far away. The space ID is: 274881781981. Thanks for your attention!

Thanks for the info.

It could be that the camera position value is out of bounds, or the zoom value as well. You could try use the “F” with an object selected to focus on it and see. So if you fix the camera/zoom value it might fix it, if not let us know :slight_smile:

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