New animal NPCs & animations

I like to move it move it! And so do our animal NPCs, from this point onwards that is. Our new feature update brings a whole bunch of new updates to YAHAHA, one of which is sure to liven up your game creations.

We have been steadily adding new assets to our Asset Library, and we have an ever-growing collection of over a million assets to date. With a simple search, you get a variety of different versions of models that correspond to the provided search word, in various styles and renditions.

Some time back, Yahaha gave life to rigged humanoid NPCs that brought a whole new level of immersion to your games. Now, we are bringing you something similar but way cuter! “What’s cuter than humanoids?”, you ask. A lot of things actually, but most objectively, animals!

Not only are these new animal models aggressively adorable, but they have a super special skill they’d like to show you: they can move. They need your help to get started, but after that, they will do it on their own accord.

To make these silly little characters move, you search and download the YGC script “NPC Animations” from the Asset Library, click and add it to the model that has been equipped with NPC or monster components, and then select the desired animation for each state of the current NPC.

So what are you waiting for, don’t leave your new animal friends hanging! Leave them walking or jumping instead.