November 2022 roadmap

We have some new updates on the roadmap for you guys this upcoming November! Let’s check them out! :dizzy:

November Roadmap

-[Studio] Prefab
-[Studio] Enable importing rigged fbx models
-[Studio] Support navigating to Asset Library from Resource box
-[Studio] Provide a text description on the component

-[Gameplay] Weapon: Gun
-[Gameplay] Enhancement for Avatar Attack: teammate hurt
-[Gameplay] AI Player Enhancement
-[Gameplay] Camera Assembler, provides a configurable perspective of the game
-[Gameplay] Factions, support configuring each side, with different game types.

-[Asset Library] My assets page, supports archive
-[Asset Library] More assets will be added

-[Node Graph] Support more features: delay, random, array, map, custom function, etc.
-[Node Graph] Support more nodes: Dialog, Quest, Camera, etc.

-[Developer Support] Release more API references: Dialog, Quest, Camera, etc.

-[Gameplay] More Gameplay Templates
-[Gameplay] More Smart Assets with logic: Weapon, Balloon, etc.

-[Website] Website: Creator portal, enables managing my published assets

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