🌍 Only One Earth

:seedling:Calling all Earthlings, it’s mother nature! I hope nature’s not calling right now though, because I need you to hear what this new event is all about:

:blossom: Create a world or a game that is in harmony with nature.:blossom:

Now, what should that look like? Well that’s for you to decide! We’re looking to see some environmentally friendly creations, maybe even some innovative solutions for recycling or something otherwise on-theme for the World Environment Day (which is on June 5th).

:trophy: Awards:

1st place: 300 USD

2nd-3rd: 200 USD

:date: Challenge starts on June 1st, and submissions close on June 22nd at 1pm GMT+3.

Winners will be announced on June 27th.

We will then DM the winners for the reward details.

:bangbang: Rules:

Yahaha decides the winners.

You can show your support by playing the creations and leaving comments in the submissions.

Community’s opinion will be considered.

To be a valid submission, please follow these requirements:

-Create and publish an original project

-Submit your project on the Yahaha forum

Please note that the submissions policy has changed. The correct place for event submissions is now on the Yahaha forum!

Submitting your creation on the forum will ensure that not only does your entry get seen, but it will also stay there forever so others can see in the future.

Also feel free to spread nature’s word and share your creation on social media too, it’s not virtue signaling if you mean it!!


some hints,

  • could be a game to collect trash/plastic, with trigger, every plastic you collect a tree grows?
  • a sad story of Earth got destroyed/post-apocalypse scene because we didnt take care of it.
  • an ideal environment you’d live in!

My entry for the only one earth event: a solarpunk valley with some interactables and hopefully a nice flair to it. Enjoy exploring the whole thing.


First Submission! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:

Yo my dudes.
I’ve finished a game for our :earth_africa: Only One Earth :earth_americas: event! Hope you’ll like it.
Here it is:

(there are crabs in it, yup)


My first world on Yahaha, so many things to improve with. But it was good practice. No gameplay here, just a nice place to chill at. So grab a drink, sausages and a buddy.


My entry for this event!
Do I need to do smth else except post here?


Here is my submission for One Earth Event


Nope posting here is all that is needed to enter :slight_smile:

This is my submission for the Only One Earth event !

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Here’s my game, hope everyone enjoyed the event! :smiling_face:

Deforestation is a huge contributor to the rising sea levels. Explore the world in Rising tides, complete the puzzles and find the perfect spot to plant trees and lower the sea levels, what will rise from its depths?

My entry for this event (my first entry ever!) There’s so much more I wanted to do with this mechanic in mind, but I have to wait until some future features of Yahaha has been implemented :smiley:

I’d like to submit the Pawprint Isles: Pawprint Isles | Yahaha
A very eco-friendly group of islands with a dark past. I challenge you to find as many ‘secret remains’ as you can.

Here is my last minute submission!

Another event has come to an end and we would like to thank everyone who participated in the event and submitted the fantastic games.

You will be able to re-watch the livestream here (coming soon) where we played all the entries and announced the winners.

There were many fun games but as always there needs to be three winners. Congrats to the following on their winning submissions, dont forget to check out the stream above to hear what we thought of all the games. You can play them yourself by clicking on the title name and checking out all the entries in the posts above.


SECOND PLACEChuChan - Make it Grow!

FIRST PLACE Ferdi - No Time To Reflect

We would like to thank everyone again for all the great work and congratulations to all the winners. We look forward to seeing all the amazing work you do in the next event coming soon.

:sunflower: Let us all enjoy the beautiful and harmonious Only One Earth entries once more in the form of a captivating highlight reel!
Go on a virtual run through the submitted worlds and enjoy the hopeful (and slightly ominous) vibes. :eyes:

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