Raiders of the Lost Temple - LCC

Hi everyone! My first post on the new forum, here’s the timelapse video of my entry for the “Lights, Camera, Create!” challenge.

The timelapse covers fifteen hours of work in the Yahaha editor. But before working in the editor, I also sketched out the layout and scenes, just rough sketches of course, but here you go:

And here are some obligatory screenshots too.

Feel free to ask questions and give constructive criticism!


Thanks for sharing! this looks stunning!
For anyone wants to try here is the link : Raiders of the Lost Temple | Yahaha

Haha, thank you. I can’t believe I forgot to add the link to actually play :sweat_smile:

Haha you can still edit the post :slight_smile: It’ better when it is coming from the author

I loved all the little trap touches and the fact you replicated the boulder was awesome :smiley:

Wow! this is really cool! Looks professional! @Solarsheep are you an professional game dev?

So cool! Impressive that you actually made some planning on paper.

wow! I just left my comment: “how to make that” to the game lol! it’s really cool!
and now I finally found that! “how” :heart_eyes:
great work!! looking forward to more posts!

btw: have you tried “array duplicate”? I think it’s a useful tool when you build your house.
and “X” “Y” “Z” hotkeys. see menu->help->shorcuts can see more hotkeys!

wa! why you have a so cool avatar! I want it tooo… :grin:

Thank you, yeah I am a professional game dev, and I’m glad my skills have shown through!

That’s really impressive!