Roadmap April 6th 2022

Product Roadmap

Yahaha’s Vision

To lower the barrier of entry for creating 3D interactive experiences, and become the next generation real-time interactive content platform.

What can be created with Yahaha?

The supported game types will progress in the following order :

  • 3D platformer games
  • Horror games
  • Party games
  • MMOs
  • Casual action games
  • Shooters
  • Racing games
  • Sports Games (Ball games)

Creators can be creative by mixing different genres’ gameplay.

Why create with Yahaha?

Improve the productivity of creation and publishing process

  • No code creation experience
  • Rich and easy-to-use asset library
  • A library of various templates and gameplay components
  • One-click publishing
  • Multi-platform support
  • Multiplayer synchronisation support

Unleash your creativity

  • Remix/“templatelise” the content produced by the community and recreation
  • Friendly creator community tools for discussion/co-creation
  • Long-term support for co-creation collaboration

Maintain flexibility and openness

  • Support for lua scripting
  • Local resource/assets import

Smooth player experience

  • Unified virtual identity and personal assets (freely express your virtual social identity through unique statues, cosmetics and assets)
  • Social features (team up and explore, friends system, share and invite, real-time text and voice chat)
  • 3rd person watch mode (streaming, live comments, interference)
  • Personalised content recommendation - there is always the right content for you