🛋️The Great Indoors

The Great Indoors event has officially come to a close and the winners were revealed on the livestream (which you can re-watch soon), where we also played through all of the entries.

We may have picked three winners, but the quality of the spaces was in fact TOO good, and we had to change the rules a bit. This time, in addition to the three winners, we also gave Discord Nitro to two deserving runners up, who almost made it to the top three :heart: Congrats to everybody on their winning submissions!

FIRST RUNNER UP: Solarsheep´s Solarpunk Atrium

SECOND RUNNER UP: VeFroh’s Sakura Safespace

THIRD PLACE: Greggggggg’s Sleepy Space Station

SECOND PLACE: Meister Murloc’s Opus Astrae

FIRST PLACE: Ferdi’s HyperRoom

And once more a huge thank you to everyone who took part! Let’s see what the next event brings…

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Let’s revisit the most shining highlights from our Great Indoors event and enjoy those cozy vibes :sparkles: