What is Object Thermometer for?

Hi there, we have a new feature that will be released next week!
Here is a brief introduction for Object Thermometer :partying_face:

Object Thermometer is a profiler for Edit mode, we calculated the memory of your current scene when your space is played on different devices, e.g. iOS and Andriod.

We are so glad and excited that we have many wonderful spaces on Mobile, they are such great works and full of ideas.

But we are so sad to find that one or two of them cannot be played smoothly on Mobile.


So we thought, how about we add a Thermometer for our creators, let them know if the space is too large, your mobile players can not afford that… :sob:

Actually it is still a test feature. We want your feedback and advise NOW! :tropical_drink:

Here is a FAQ:

1. If my memory usage is exceeding the Mobile limit, does that mean my space will be banned on Mobile?

Definitely NO. Actually, we will notify your players with some message info when they want to enter the space:

The memory usage this space requires is beyond your device limit, the app might crash or freeze unexpectedly.

However, the players can ignore and play anyway. :sweat_smile:

2. How to reduce the memory usage when creating?

You can re-use the models and audios, that will save a lot of memory usage!

BTW, this Limit count is still in test phase, we really appreciate your feedback to help us improve it!

In our next step, we are planning to add more metrics to make sure your guys’ space can run smoothly on mobile devices! Don’t hesitate to give us more suggestions! :partying_face:


Ooh nice. I asked for this, you guys are really quick or you were already working on it coincidentally… kinda sus… happy it’s here!

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Ohhhh the mystery, what came first, the request or the implementation, I guess we may never know :crazy_face:

Glad that you like it. Hopefully we can make more improvements to it as we go.

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Oh this is nice to have.