⛄ Winter Wonderland

HO HO HO, or should I say YA HA HA! It’s the most wonderful time of the year (or at least in the top five for me) and therefore we have the most wonderful event for you to take part in.

We would like you to create a wintery game or a space. It doesn’t have to be snowy or Christmas-y, mind you. But it should be one of those things, or otherwise portray a lovely seasonally appropriate theme!

:question: Tl;dr:

  • Create a winter wonderland or a holiday-spirited game!

:trophy: Awards:

1st place: 600 USD

2nd: 400 USD

3rd: 300 USD

First-timer award: 200 USD (given to best entry from a newcomer, someone who hasn’t won any events before)

:calendar: Challenge starts on December 12th, and submissions close on January 16th, 2022 at 1:00 PM.

Winners will be announced on January 18th during the playthrough livestream.

We will then DM the winners for the reward details.

:bangbang: Rules:

Yahaha decides the winners.

You can show your support by playing the creations and leaving comments in the submissions.

Community’s opinion will be considered.

To be a valid submission, please follow these requirements:

-Create and publish an original project

-Submit your project on the Yahaha forum or the itch.io page (this event has been merged with the month’s game jam)

Give the gift of creation and joy: share your submission on social media too!


Here is my project: Christmas Crib

Attempt to try to represent the place where the 3 wise men went to visit the baby Jesus.

I lacked models of the boy Jesus and the kings characters that were really in history, as I don’t know how to model it was difficult to find it on the internet for free and in the platform’s library I couldn’t find it either.

A little come back of the scp universe for the current event.


(this is my game for the evnt)

Hello everyone.
First of all hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Secondly here’s my game for this event:

You can also open it on itch and access the link from there too:

Hope you’ll enjoy playing it and grinding to defeat the boss.
Just a couple of hints:

  • try jumping on the owl near the starting point in the forest
  • try finding the easter egg quest and complete it ( this is just a bonus part )
  • try to empower the elevator to meet a mystery character at the clouds ( this part is my favourite, because of the atmosphere )
    That’s all from me, good luck on your applications everyone and keep up the great work.
    Have a nice day :slight_smile:

I got a bit too ambitious with the lighting, but I still think I managed to capture a fun atmosphere. Here it is, The Enchanted Christmas Tree:

It’s quiet in the North Pole now that Christmas is over, but Santa will let you say and enjoy the Christmas spirit for just a little longer. January is a dark month and we can all use a little magic after all. :slight_smile:

This is my submission.

A battle royale where you fight it out with snowballs.
6 Players, random spawning. Spawn collision exists.
Snowballs can be equipped at the middle of the map.
Once equipped you gain access to ability.
Rise above others for a short period of time by pressing G or using the drop button.

My submission.

Is just a Maze. A winter maze, but still a maze.

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Hello everyone!
This is the game I made for this game jam.
a Wonderful Christmas

This game tells the story of Santa who goes missing on Christmas Eve and the adventure begins!

I hope you enjoy playing it :sweat_smile:

Hello Everyone
This is my Submission

It is a puzzle adventure game where as a brother, you have to save your sister from Grinch.

  1. A small story to encourage you to fight for your loved ones
  2. Mind Boggling puzzles to solve

Tips :

  1. In Maze, Follow the lights to press forward towards the next section
  2. In Chess room, move the queen in a position, where it checkmates the enemy king :slight_smile:
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Pretty cool game! Some interesting rooms. I liked the spinning room - it reminded me of that one scene from Inception (Inception - Hallway Fights (HDR - 4K - 5.1) - YouTube) and I liked the idea of chess, that was very cool. but I didn’t know what I was meant to do and pushed the queen around hoping something would happen and got it stuck against the wall, then the corner and couldn’t get it out again. Maybe some sort of invisible rail around the chess board would help that. It wasn’t only until I fully read your post that I understood what to do!

This is my submission,
took me 10 days to complete.

It is a Simple puzzle game where Santa forgot to prepare gifts and as a fellow trustworthy elf, you must help santa finding and crafting those gifts

  1. 3 portals lead to 3 different levels with distinguished objectives !
    1.1. The forest
    1.2. The Graveyard
    1.3. The Candyland

  2. Took serious attention in level designing, hope you like it

  3. Hints:
    3.1. Find boxes in the forest, mostly are in the corners
    3.2. Talk to father in the graveyard, and the boss will spawn
    3.3. power-ups(looks like cake) can be found in the candyland, to boost your damage and kill the boss fast

A belated Merry Christmas! I got a lil submission for the event here:

My entry for the event! Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to implement some small quests I had planned, but I hope the scenery gives you joy like me when I built it :slight_smile:

Visit Sno Town

Hello, this is my first JAM on YAHAHA and here is my entry:

Hello! My submission is

It’s purely singleplayer for the time being as your progress changes the world. I had to abandoned a lot of prior attempts at great ideas after meeting limitations, so started this game pretty late in to the event… so sadly it’s unfinished.

Don’t forget to complete quests by clicking the UI and claiming/completing the quest to progress!

What a wonderful winter event, that’s the best gift you could’ve given us this holiday season! Thank you to everyone who took part and congrats to the winners. Speaking of which, if you missed the stream, here are the winning entries:

FIRST PLACE - Grinch took my Sis !! by RagingRahul


SECOND PLACE - The Grinch by SkulHunter

THIRD PLACE - A Wonderful Christmas ! by Naomee

First timer awards:
The North Pole by Noraly
Snowland by Adam
Small as a pawn by joachimsamake

See you in the next event! :heart:

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