YAHAHA! Gaming Metaverse meets K-club Street: Hongdae! 야하하! 게이밍 메타버스가 홍대를 만나다

(Here is where you leave your SNS post link in the reply.)

With no code, create your own gaming club street and win the total prize fund 4600 USD!

You know where ‘Squid Game’ came from! You may want to visit Korea someday? However, Covid19 is still blocking you? Here is the way you can visit the most famous place in Korea as a cultural hotspot and live performance of yougnsters! Hongdae Club Street! Please take a tour to K-club Street on YAHAHA! YAHAHA partners with Dabeeo, Artificial Intelligence start-up, to bring Mirror World of Hongdae Club Street. It would be a great fun for YAHAHA creators to create and decorate your own K-club Street or Club indoor on the special templates. Multiplayer funuction fully support you to inviter your friends to your space!

Track 1: K-club Street Outdoor - Mandatory Template: K-club Street: Hongdae’

  • 1st Place : $1,000 USD / 1 person
  • 2nd Place : $100 USD / 10 people
  • 3rd Place :$10 USD / 30 people

Track 2: Club Indoor - Mandatory Template: ‘Club Now’

  • 1st Place : $1,000 USD / 1 person
  • 2nd Place : $100 USD / 10 people
  • 3rd Place :$10 USD / 30 people

<Special gift 1: Avatar Item>
Everyone who posts the event page link or screen capture on their SNS
and uses the hashtag #YahahaStudio
*You will receive the item as soon as Yahaha confirms the completion of your 1st mission

<Special gift 2: Avatar Costume>
Everyone who posts their avatar Selfie in their own ‘K-club street’ or ‘Club Now’ after publishing the world and uses the hashtag #YahahaHongdae
*You will receive the item at the end of the YAHAHA! K-club Street Campaign

Event starts September 1 (UTC +9)
Event Ends: September 25 24:00 (UTC +9)
Review: Sep 26 - 28 (UTC +9)
Winner Announcement: September 30th Yahaha Forum

**If you are participating in the event, please carefully take a look at the event groundrule and precautions on the capaign main page. Yahaha - UGC Social Entertainment Platform

<Korean / 한국어>

국내 최고 수준의 공간정보 AI 기업 다비오와 메타버스 루키로 자리잡은 야하하하(YAHAHA)가 협력하여 젊음과 문화의 거리 '홍대’를 가상 공간에서 완벽히 구현했습니다. 현실 정보를 기반하여 더욱 생생한 '홍대 거리’를 지금 YAHAHA Studio에서 체험해보세요

‘K-club Street’ 템플릿과 ‘Club Now’ 템플릿에 게임화 요소를 추가하여 푸짐한 상금(총상금 $4600)도 타고 여러분의 친구들을 놀라게 해 주세요!
주변 친구들을 놀라게 해 주세요.

트랙 1 : 홍대거리 (K-club Street Outdoor - 필수 템플릿 : K-club Street’
1등 : $1,000 USD / 1명
2등 : $100 USD / 10명
3등 : $10 USD / 30명

트랙 2: 클럽 실내 - 필수 템플릿: ‘Club Now’
1등 : $1,000 USD / 1명
2등 : $100 USD / 10명
3등 : $10 USD / 30명

이벤트 시작 9월 1일 (UTC +9)
이벤트 종료: 9월 25일 24:00 (UTC +9)
검토: 9월 26일 - 28일(UTC +9)
당첨자 발표: 9월 30일 Yahaha 포럼 (https://forum.yahaha.com/)

** 이벤트 참가자 여러분들은 이벤트 메인 페이지에서 안내하고 있는 규칙과 주의 사항을 참조 하시고 따라 주시기 바랍니다.


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Here are both my two SNS posts and two different templates used.

Club now map:

For the staff:
On the event page there is no mention about the deadline other than 25th of September.
But here on the forum the korean part mentions that the deadline is 25th of September at 24.00 (UTC +9). Whatever that means?
Just for the future. Mention all the details in English too, people should not need to use translator in order to get hang of the rules.


I saw your edit for the forum post.
This is quite unfortunate for the other contenders who submitted their map 25th of September on their time-zone.
Are they included or not?