YAHAHA Moment event

Get your creative fingers ready for the all new YAHAHA Moment event!

What is it?

This event will put your creation skills to the limit as we are looking to see what you can achieve with YAHAHA. There are no restrictions on what you build for your submission, only that you go big and bold. You can read more about the rules and requirements on our YAHAHA Moment Page to get a better idea of what is needed.

When is it?

Event Starts - May 25th

Event Ends - June 19th


  • First place - $3000
  • Second place - $2000
  • Third place - $1000

Special prizes of twenty $100 Steam gift cards will also be awarded.

YAHAHA will also select twenty of the most creative games, which will each be awarded a $50 Steam gift card.

AMA When and Where?

We will be providing two Ask Me (or us) Anything sessions to talk more about the campaign and answer everything you need to know about entering the competition as well as any issues you may have run into.

The AMAs will take place on our Discord server on the following dates/times

  • May 30th
    • 7pm EEST
    • 12pm EST
    • 9am PST
  • June 6th
    • 7pm EEST
    • 12pm EST
    • 9am PST

If you are on Discord you can ask any questions in the #campaignevent channel or if you are viewing this on the YAHAHA forum you can ask in the replies below.

If you are looking for some help to get started you can check out the Tutorials Section as well as our YouTube Channel.

Good luck creators!!


Hi hi , events sounds fun! Can i do it together with my friends? or its a solo mission?

The competition is open to teams, however the prize will be awarded to the team, then it will be their responsibility to share it amongst themselves. So you can go for glory on your own or team up with others to create a bigger project.

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Thanks for the answer

If or… when I win :smiley: How am I able to receive the prize moneyz? Can I get cash?

If, or when you win :grin: the prize money will be sent either via Bank transfer or Paypal.

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Just as a reminder for everyone to join us tomorrow for the AMA at the times listed above on our Discord. If you have questions you would like answered you can add them here, or ask in us during the live AMA. Look forward to seeing you there :smiley:


About products:

Is YAHAHA free to use?

  • Yes, completely

How many free assets are available in the YAHAHA asset library?

  • Around 25,000

What types of games can I make with YAHAHA?

  • Anything you can come up with

Can I play my game within YAHAHA Studio?

  • Yes, we have Play mode on YAHAHA desktop.

Where can I find tutorials?

About qualifications

Do I need to sign up as I join the competition?

  • Yes, that is how you get access to the studio. “Post the video link tagging @OfficialYAHAHA with #YAHAHAMoment” will be counted as you join the competition

Any age limit?

  • You need to be 16 or above to participate. As Yahaha ToS states.

What if I make a game using a platform that isn’t YAHAHA?

  • It will not be counted.

I made a game, without a video. Can I compete for the prizes?

  • If you have published it in YAHAHA but haven’t made a video about it, you can only compete in the creative game category.

  • “You can compete for a cash prize and 100$ Steam gift card only if you have submitted a YouTube video on Twitter and published the game on YAHAHA.”

I just made a video about playing other people’s games in YAHAHA, can I compete for the prize?

  • The video needs to be about your own game-creation with YAHAHA

Do I need a game development background to create on YAHAHA?

  • No, YAHAHA is a no-code creation tool on PC, and anyone can create interactive 3D content with it.

Are there regional participation restrictions?

  • No

Can teams enter the event?

Yes, you can team up with others to create a project. However, should the team win a prize then it will be awarded to the team and it is their responsibility to share it afterwards.

About the prize

How and when will I get the prize?

  • We will contact you in 7 days (work days) after announcing the result and deliver the prize by bank transfer or PayPal or by sending you the Steam gift card code.

Who decides the winners and how are they decided?

  • Yahaha decides the winners;

  • Yahaha selects the cash prize and special video prize winners based on the popularity of the video(views, likes, comments)

  • Yahaha selects the creative game winner based on the creativity and participants of the games.(unique views)

‘The winner(s) will be selected by the Promoter from all eligible entries received before the Competition closing time, at the discretion of the Promoter. The winner(s) will be notified following the Competition closing time, firstly by tweet and then by direct mail to the winner(s) Twitter account. In the event that the winner fails to respond to the Promoter to confirm its acceptance of the Prize within a reasonable period of time, the Promoter reserves the right (in its sole discretion) to forfeit the Prize or select an alternative winner from the Competition.’

About video

How long should the video be?

  • Video must be a minimum 1 minute in length

What’s the recommended video length?

  • 10-15 minutes.

Can I upload the video to channels other than Youtube?

  • Sorry, it will not be counted.


What’s not allowed?

  • Please don’t use bots to boost views on your videos.

  • The works must be original

About the license of my video?

  • You own the original content IP. But Yahaha has the right to use it for promotion purposes

  • We will let you know before we publish your video.

  • (YAHAHA Studios has the right to use the videos in promotional activities.)

What update release schedule do you have for the time running up to the event end date? And what updates are confirmed within that time? Curious to know so we can plan ahead potentially.

  • There are various updates coming which you can keep an on here in the forums or on the Discord. However, we suggest planning ahead with the current tools and assets to ensure you are able to make a complete project for the event.

Is there an average total playtime the games should aim for?

  • Nope, feel free to make your game however long or short as you wish. Length only matters in the video portion of the submission.

which is more important, the quality of the video and its content, or the amount of views?

If you are entering for the grand prize both will important, a good video showcasing a good game will entice more people.

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One thing to note is that you do not have to build a game from scratch for the event if you already have one. Maybe you already have a game that you made with YAHAHA and you want to just make some improvements to it before submission! Or you have an amazing game you already created, then all you need to do is make a video for it.

So don’t panic about building an all new game if you already have one that you want to improve and submit to the YAHAHA Moment event. Of course if you do want to start from scratch and build an all new game that is awesome too

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Here’s a recording of the second AMA for this event. I missed the first few seconds, but the rest is there. I also separated and mixed the audio so you’re both on different sides of the listener and roughly equalised the volume of you both too.


ONLY FIVE DAYS LEFT!!! I am starting to get really excited to see all these entries start to come in . Do not forget to leave yourselves plenty of time to finish up your levels as well as create those videos.

You will want to make sure to finish with some time to spare just in case anything goes wrong. I cannot wait to check them all out and good luck to all in the final stretch of building, you got this!!!

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here’s my entry. Enjoy :slight_smile:

My entry!

May I ask to check if I did everything right in terms of posting it everywhere and it is valid?
I did it on youtube, twitter and here :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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As long as you done it on Youtube and Twitter (and used the right @ and # there) then it is valid. Putting it here is just a nice way to showcase it to everyone and also for us to award you a cool participation badge when its all done :slight_smile:

Here is my video: I tricked people into playing Squid Game - YouTube

Here’s my moment Video :

Here’s the tweet : https://twitter.com/media_isolation/status/1538496074951716865?s=20&t=tO_Vjoctch5JrRJ8qoGcWg

Hi all, here is our game submission. The Testing Facility many of you played on Friday 17th June during the event I hosted with Mairu and @powerpuff_93 (ChuChan).

We also created the required video, showing off the exploits of those involved in the event, as well as some behind-the-scenes commentary. The illustrious @fevron managed to win the event, congrats to him once again!

The background music was created by Mairu, and the 2D avatars by ChuChan.
We’ve all had a lot of fun with this project and even though it’s not perfect, it’s been a learning experience that I think I can safely say we’re proud of.

My Twitter is @CrispyLizard

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