YAHAHA Referral Program is Coming!


Have you heard the news? YAHAHA’s Beginner’s Tutorial is now live!
It’s a great opportunity for beginners to learn how to create games with YAHAHA Studio. Alongside our new feature release, we’re offering a Referral Program where existing users can invite new users to try YAHAHA and complete the Beginner’s Tutorial.
Together, new and existing users can earn up to a €100 Steam Gift Card upon completion. Don’t miss out on the chance to share the fun and rewards with your friends. Sign up now and let’s create amazing games together in the YAHAHA Metaverse!

How to join

:stars: For referrers:

Step One: Fill out the registration form for the referral activity

Step Two: Invite your friends to try our platform and guide them to complete the beginner’s tutorial, and ask them to publish the game they created during the tutorial

Step Three: Remind your invitees to enter your correct Discord username on the submission form.

:star: For new users:

Step One: Sign up

Step Two: Complete our beginner’s tutorial and publish the space you created using the guidance

Step Three: Fill out the submission form

Step Four: After we review your submission, we will contact you with further information

Note: New users refer to people who register after the start of the activity and are referred by an existing user


  • New users who complete the beginner’s tutorial will receive a €5 Steam gift card

  • Referrers will also receive rewards based on the number of users you refer. The more people you refer to, the greater your reward will be

  • Invite 1-2 new users and receive a €5 steam gift card - Invite 3-4 new users and receive a €10 steam gift card - Invite 5-9 new users and receive a €15 steam gift card - Invite 10 or more new users and receive a €50 steam gift card!
  • Our event runs for a month, but we only have 200 spots available. If those fill up before the end of the month, the event will come to a close

:gift:How to claim the award

  • Feel free to contact @kaka to check your progress anytime.

  • When the activity is finished, send your username to kaka and we will send the Steam Wallet Code through an in-app meaasge

:busts_in_silhouette: Who can join

Both new users and referrers can participate in this event.

:speech_balloon: Requirements

  1. Join Discord - this is where all the updates and announcements will be posted.

  2. Apply for the activity first.

  3. New users must complete the beginner’s tutorial and publish the space they created with the beginner’s tutorial.

  4. New users should fill out the submission form after publishing their work.

  5. New users can also participate as a referrer (after you have signed up as a YAHAHA user).

  6. No self-promotion or promotion of existing participants or veteran users.

  7. Dishonest behavior is prohibited. We expect everyone to act with integrity and respect towards others.

:grey_question: FAQ

  1. I didn’t find the beginner’s tutorial

    -Please follow this document to start your journey and don’t forget to publish your space and share it on our submission form!

  2. When will I receive the reward?

    -Within 30 business days after the end of the event.

  3. What should I do if my country or region cannot redeem the €5 Steam gift card?

    -If this is the case, please contact MOSS/KAKA after the result announcement.

  4. What do you consider dishonest behavior?

    -Self-promotion and creating multiple accounts to participate in the event are not allowed in our event.

  5. What should I do if the friend I invited did not fill in my Discord name on the submission form?

    -First, it should be noted that if the recommender is not correctly filled in on the submission form, the application will be invalidated, and neither the new user nor the recommender can receive the reward.

    -If you find that the Discord username is missing or incorrect, please contact @MOSS or @KAKA.

  6. I am a new user and have not completed the beginner’s guide, but I have published a space. Does this count as completing the task?

    -No, it does not. The beginner’s guide can help you quickly understand our features, and we look forward to your hands-on experience.

  7. I am a new user. Can I sign up for the referral program as a referrer?

    -Yes, you can! Sign up as a YAHAHA user and then invite your friends to join YAHAHA and experience it together.

*YAHAHA Studios reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event.

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Wondering I am a creator who has not published Yahaha, can I join the referral program too?

Absolutely! We would love to have you join us. Feel free to invite your friends to join in on the fun and experience our platform together. Register here~