Yahaha‘s No-Code Creation Platform

No-Code Creation Platforms

No-code creation has been a hot and trendy topic in recent years. It’s a platform that allows non-technical people to create interesting content without composing a line of code. If you come from the software development world, you are probably familiar with some no-code tools which often have user-friendly interfaces and drag-and-drop capacities. A no-code creation platform lowers the barrier to content creation and enables everyone to bring their ideas into reality.

Inside the YAHAHA Studio

Yahaha’s no-code creation platform

Ever since the start of Yahaha, we’ve been thinking of how to simplify and democratise the game creation promotion, whilst also lowering the traditional entry barrier to 3D digital content creation. For a game developer or an artist, the gameplay is the most interesting part, yet it is also the most challenging part. Yahaha wants to provide a platform where all creators, technical or non-technical, can create interactive worlds and experiences.

The YAHAHA Scene Panel

For non-technical creators, Yahaha provides them with a set of intuitive tools and resources, such as prop, backpack, physics, logics, and gameplay components, alongside scene templates, and even smart assets (assets with logics). What’s more, with the set of tools and resources available, people can even create 3D experiences without having technical knowledge.

For technical creators, Yahaha provides them with Lua scripts and allows them to create worlds in a more flexible way. With Lua scripts, technical creators will be able to create smart components and game logics, and also share them with other creators. This way non-technical creators can leverage their scripts to make their world feel more alive. Lua is currently the world’s leading scripting language for games, thanks in part to its ease of access. What’s more, thanks to its versatility it can be employed in a multitude of ways, including allowing for procedural, object-oriented, functional, and data-driven programming, alongside data description.

Smart Asset Search

Additional Solutions

For game developers, even experienced ones, it’s often a big challenge coping with synchronization strategies between clients and servers. More often than not, these strategies are related to game logics, which makes things even more complicated. Additionally, server deployment, asset management and cross-platform support can all cause headaches for creators.

Yahaha takes over the heavy lifting by solving these challenges and providing creators with a robust infrastructure. Thus, with Yahaha, creators can develop online multiplayer experiences without dealing with complicated backend configuration, and in turn, enjoy realizing their ideas.

Hope these insights help everyone reading this in their creative endeavours.