YAHAHA Studio V0.3.23

YAHAHA Studio V0.3.23:

[Feature updates]
-Added Trigger component
-Added Collision component
-Added Teleport component
-Added more interactive gizmos for gameplay components
-Supported Drag&Drop from my assets

-Supported MacBook with M1 chips
-Improved the appearance of terrain brushes
-Showed shortcut keys in Preference.
-Improved third person camera moving
-Improved the LOD logics
-Improved color picker

[Bug fixes]
-Fixed the tree colliders
-Fixed memory leaks
-Fixed network issues when joining room
-Fixed fonts
-Fixed saving issues in play-mode
-Fixed random selection issues
-Fixed issues when uploading Yahaha Gameplay Component
-Fixed random issues in vscode plugin
-Fixed the issues related to height of sea

YAHAHA Desktop V1.0.4.51

[Feature updates]
-Supported play on PC/Mac
-Supported sharing Draft spaces
-Supported user profile on PC/Mac

  • [Improvements]
  • [Bug fixes]
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