🎃 YAHAHalloween

You know what’s scary? Ghosts. Also spiders. And not having saved the game when your PC crashes. No worries though, you’re safe with us (and your own memory)…

This month’s event theme is obvious and, knowing our community members, obviously exciting. It’s time to make the scariest, eeriest, most gruesome scenes to the tune of horror flicks, wild phobias, and ghost stories! As long as you stay on theme, you can create whatever your heart desires, or rather, what it doesn’t desire…

What scares YOU?

:question: Tl;dr:
Create anything spooky! Could be a horror game, a scary space, or something completely new and innovative.

:trophy: Awards:
1st place: 300 USD
2nd-3rd: 200 USD
First-timer award: 100 USD
(given to best entry from a newcomer, someone who hasn’t taken part in the events before)

:date: Challenge starts on October 10th, and submissions close October 31st at 1pm GMT+3.
Winners will be announced on November 2nd during the playthrough livestream.
We will then DM the winners for the reward details.

:bangbang: Rules:
Yahaha decides the winners.
You can show your support by playing the creations and leaving comments in the submissions.
Community’s opinion will be considered.
To be a valid submission, please follow these requirements:
-Create and publish an original project
-Submit your project on the Yahaha forum

Please note that the submissions policy has changed. The correct place for event submissions is now on the Yahaha forum, under this post!
Submitting your creation on the forum will ensure that not only does your entry get seen, but it will also stay there forever so others can see it in the future.

Terrify your fiendish friends and ghoulish strangers by sharing your spooky submission on social media :skull_crossbones:


Hi, here is my project : Space Halloween Horror | Yahaha . Regards


Here is my submission Treaky Treat a small jumping map with some puzzles mixed in. I hope you all enjoy it :smiley:

my project
be careful

Hahaha, here is my project : Become the Pumpkin King | Yahaha

Hope you all enjoy my Halloween Arcade! Halloween Arcade Bash! | Yahaha

Here we go guys!

Took a bit longer than expected because of the scariest thing imaginable: work related stress. But I finally finished my Halloween space! It’s called Road to Headstone Park. This Halloween, it’s on you to help a lost soul find her lost pendant.


Happy Halloween! Check our game out! I was make this with @Santa Murloc . Some assets in this Game was build by me in Blender 3D !

Please leave Feedback!
Remember! You can only play this game with 2 People!

This Game was make for the Yahahaloween Event!

:heart: :jack_o_lantern: Happy Yahahaloween !

In this failed experiment in the hospital, you must evade the mutated humans, find the doctor to win. :zombie: :woman_zombie: :skull:

Another event is in the past now! Thank you to everyone who took part in the very first spooky, scary YAHAHalloween! And, of course, congrats to the winners, here they are:

FIRST PLACE - Dr. Smith Mansion - VeFroh & Meister Murloc

SECOND PLACE - Halloween Arcade Bash! - MichaelF

THIRD PLACE - Treaky Treat - JCereal

First Timer award - Become the Pumpkin King - AoTeMAN

Let’s reminisce about the spooky month of October and the Halloween event’s harvest! Remember all those bone-chilling submissions? :ghost: We have captured the highlights into a nifty video, which you can see here:

Thanks again for the awesome event and submissions, you guys rock! :heart: