Import Models Alpha Test! Now Open!

Hey everyone! :smiley:
we are so excited to announce that the import model feature is now live!
Although still in its alpha test phase, this feature is bringing lots of new possibilities to our platform!

Over the past 3 months, teams have spent considerable efforts researching, planning, developing, and testing this big feature.
Now we will release the very first version on the “Import Models” roadmap:

  • Enable users to import their own FBX files to Studio.

  • Place their FBX models to the scene, save the scene.

  • After cloud build success, publish your space.

Here is a Quick Start tutorial: :point_down:

  1. Import fbx: import your fbx files from Resource box → Space Content.

  2. Find your fbx files in Imported → Models, place into the scene

  3. Save your scene
    Once you save your scene, we will send all your FBX models to the cloud server to wait for the build process. :point_left:

    Please note that the imported models which are not used in your current scene will not go through the cloud build process for this phase. :smiling_face_with_tear:

    The reasons are:

    • It will take more time if we build those non-usable models, you have to wait longer before publishing.
    • Server resources are limited, this will lengthen the waiting time for normal importing tasks.

    That means when you re-enter the scene, only those models which have already been used in the scene can be retained in the Resource box.
    But don’t worry, you can import and place them again!

  4. Publish your space
    Before you publish your space, we will check all your FBX models, and make sure they are cloud built successfully.

FAQ: :point_down:

  1. What is the limitation of the imported fbx files for this phase?
    You can import fbx files in batches. For each fbx file, the size cannot be more than 20MB.

  2. How long do I have to wait to publish after saving the scene?
    Usually, no more than four hours. It depends on how many tasks our server is processing at the same time.
    Teams will monitor this process. We will keep improving.

  3. How about the properties of the imported Models?
    In this phase, we didn’t apply any scale factor and colliders for those imported models, you can re-scale, or add basic colliders(box, sphere, capsule) via Studio.

    In the future, we will support user options: mesh collider, re-scale before importing.

  4. What about the textures?
    Currently, we can only support the color map and normal map which are embed textures in fbx binary file. Note that, textures in “.dds” format are not supported yet.
    All the invalid textures may be lost after importing to Studio. This can result to a gray model :grimacing:

    Here are the planned solutions:

    • enable applying the Yahaha appearance component.
    • identify the textures from the local path.
    • support importing textures.

I know you have many questions about the “Import Models” roadmap.

Here’s some more information: :point_down:

Import FBX models:

  1. Oct. Improve User Experience and Server Stability
  • List all the cloud build tasks for each space to help users better monitor their FBX build status.
  • Support more FBX formats, compatible with more textures.
  • Speed up server processing, improve the success rate for cloud build tasks.
  1. Nov. Enable animated humanoid FBX Models.
  • You can import your own animated characters and create your stories!
  • Enable options before import process: mesh collider, rescale, etc.

Here’s what’s more exciting in this phase! :point_down: :partying_face:

The following alpha features will all be released this Oct!

  1. Support “My Creations”: you can add models to your creations, then re-use them across the scene editing. These are your own private assets.

    You can add whatever you want, including a moving platform and an imported FBX model.

  2. Support “Community Assets”: you can publish your assets to Asset Library, then share to our creators! This is a public community assets area.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks for you guys’ patience and love. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions! :heart: